Our values


Bikeout was founded to help reduce barriers to entry within bike travel. What started with the simple idea of creating an experience that reduced tangible barriers, like having trained group leaders to take new people along and eliminating the need to carry gear, soon became much more about the intangibles, related to inclusion of more communities in outdoor spaces and our broader mission and goals as an organization.

For accountability and transparency, Bikeout published its core values publicly in 2020. As always, please contact us directly for any feedback. We consider this a living document and welcome new ideas.

Core Values

Create memorable experiences

We are committed to creating high-quality, authentic travel experiences centered around wellness and outdoor activities that empower people to live more thoughtfully and healthfully.

Make bike travel easier

Bikeout’s goal is to reduce the barriers of entry to bike travel, by creating a welcoming environment, providing accessible experiences to people of all skill levels, reducing the upfront investment and simplifying a shared language.

Reach new communities

We are committed to inclusivity for groups that are typically underrepresented on trails and in outdoor spaces, including those that identify as underrepresented by age, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, ability and long-lasting or chronic illnesses. Our inclusivity efforts are focused on ways in which we reach and support our community, choose partners and how we hire.

Create deeper connections

As a travel company, we have a responsibility to the local communities that we visit and the impact of our experiences. We seek to contribute resources to and foster engagement among our community and our destination partners by providing a platform for these stakeholders to share and express their values. 

Be inclusive in our experiences 

We must create programming and content that highlights all people by making a deliberate effort to seek out new communities, and continue to understand how change in those communities impacts our work.

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