Kimmy Capehart's Bikeout playlist


Kimmy Capehart

Capehart, pictured at the farm at Bikeout: Philly to Phoenixville, 2019.

“I like my biking playlists to be fun, silly and to have enough pace to keep me pedaling fast and smiling while I do it. Whether I’m on the streets or on the trails, this playlist keeps me moving—and dancing! These songs are best played loudly from a portable speaker and accompanied with a smile and a wave when passing other riders.”

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"Bikeout was the reason I started biking to work last spring and then got excited about riding the trails last summer."

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Philly has some of the best routes in the country, including the Schuylkill River Trail and the D&L Trail.

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Kimmy Capehart's Bikeout playlist
A playlist to keep you moving.
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